Not Everything That Can Be Counted Counts

Apr 26th, 2012 / Data Visualization
Although I’m an internal evaluator in a non-profit youth center, I love chatting with teachers because I think non-profits can learn a lot from school systems – like their successes in using data to really help students as well as their challenges and shortcomings during this process. Guest blogger, Maggie Thornton, will share her experiences using formative and summative assessments in her classroom.
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Facilitating Focus Groups vs. Facilitating Other Types of Group Discussions

Apr 16th, 2012 / Data Visualization
A lovely side effect of building an organizational culture of learning is that there’s a huge demand for qualitative research like interviews and focus groups but there’s not internal evaluators to facilitate them. As I’ve trained others, I like to emphasize how facilitating a focus group is different from facilitating other types of group discussions (like after-school workshops for teenagers or GED classes) that our staff members are already great at leading.
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