Group Rates for Full Courses

Thanks for asking about group rates for our Full Courses courses!

2021 Group Rates

1 staff member: Full price

2-9 staff members: 25% discount off all staff

25+ staff members: 50% discount of all staff

Added Bonuses for Groups of 5+ Staff

If you’re registering 5 or more staff at one time (that is, for the same course, and on the same day), then we also provide:

Swag Bags Mailed to All Staff

All of your 5+ staff will receive a Swag Bag with a dataviz shirt, stickers, buttons, and magnets. These Swag Bags are normally reserved just for the earliest people to register for the course, but it’s an added bonus for your group of 5+.

Ann K. Emery provides Swag Bags with data visualization stickers, magnets, buttons, and shirts.

An Additional Q&A Session Just For Your Staff

I’ll meet for an hour just with your group of 5+ staff. We can talk about how these skills can be applied specifically to your content area; you can ask me questions during this private session; and we can work through your drafts together. I’ll record the session and post it as an unlisted YouTube video in case you want to refer back to it later.

Ann K. Emery provides virtual consultations for researchers, scientists, and evaluators.



If someone leaves, can I transfer their fee to someone else?

No; the enrollment is linked to the individual staff member and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

How do you encourage participation?

We hold Live Trainings so that staff have time set aside on their calendars for learning.

We hold live Office Hours almost every week so that staff can get feedback on their drafts and interact with colleagues from around the globe.

We send weekly emails (Mondays at 11am Eastern) with info about that week’s lesson, login links, links to Office Hours, and so on.

Each course has multiple Your Turn activities where staff participate in activities to apply what they’re learning. Staff are expected to comment below every video and complete the brief activity.

Next Steps

Email our team at and let us know:

  1. how many staff you’d like to enroll, and
  2. each person’s first name, last name, and email address.

Then, we’ll handle the behind-the-scenes administrative steps to get everyone enrolled. Welcome aboard!