Group Rates for Mini Courses

Want to enroll multiple staff members? Here’s more information on our group rates and group bonuses.
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Our self-paced Mini Courses are the equivalent of a half-day training.

We offer five Mini Courses:

  • Simple Spreadsheets is our data analysis course.

  • Great Graphs: Design Principles is our data visualization best practices course.

  • Great Graphs: Excel How-To’s gets you started building those graphs in Excel.

  • Report Redesign is our deep dive on writing reports that actually inform decisions.

  • Dashboard Design is our deep dive on building one-page PDFs.

Group Rates

Group rates are for the same courses on the same invoice (e.g., 10 staff joining the data analysis Mini Course on the same day).

  • 1 staff member: Full price
  • 2-9 staff members: 20% discount
  • 10-24 staff members: 30% discount
  • 25-49 staff members: 40% discount
  • 50+ staff members: 50% discount
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Special Bonuses for Large Groups

We also offer special bonuses for large groups.

  • 25+ staff: 1 “Ask Ann Anything” 90-minute consultation
  • 50+ staff: 2 consultations
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Next Steps

Let us know:
  • How many staff you’d like to enroll
  • Which Mini Course(s) they’ll be joining
  • Their names and email addresses
We’ll handle all the behind-the-scenes registration details so you don’t have to.

Then, we’ll send welcome messages to all your staff.
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