If I Wasn't a Program Evaluator, I would Be A _____.

Apr 19th, 2012 / Data Visualization /

I love talking with other evaluators about their career paths – why they first entered the program evaluation field, their most rewarding projects, their most challenging projects, and what keeps them here. Sometimes we play the “If I wasn’t an evaluator, I’d be a ________” game.
If I personally wasn’t an evaluator, I’d probably be:

  • A data analyst. I’d play on Excel and SPSS and SAS all day long.
  • A strategic planner.
  • A grantwriter.
  • An author, probably of non-fiction books.
  • A teacher.
  • A conference planner. I do this part-time for the Eastern Evaluation Research Society right now and it’s wonderful.

Evaluation is a great field because I already get to use skills from all these professions in my everyday work.
If you weren’t an evaluator, what would you do instead?
– Ann Emery

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