Logic Models Are the Heart of Program Evaluation

Mar 30th, 2012 / Data Visualization / ,

One of our youth center’s talented staff members is considering evaluation as a career. She’s approached me a few times and asked to volunteer on evaluation projects.
What type of project can you give a novice evaluator? Data analysis? Writing a report? Conducting a focus group?
How can you give her a small bite of evaluation, without overwhelming her, while still giving her an opportunity to taste the true flavor of evaluation?
The perfect task finally came to me. She’ll build a logic model, of course! Logic models are the heart of evaluation. Logic models are an opportunity for evaluators to collaborate with program staff and give them space to discover critical-thinking skills and planning skills that make programs more purposeful, efficient, and effective.
This staff member already works closely with our Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer, Strategy Director, and Board of Directors. She’s already built relationships with each leader and is the perfect person to listen to them and help them articulate the goals of the organization’s advocacy and public policy efforts.
Coaching a novice evaluator through this logic model process promises to be exciting! Stay tuned to hear about how she navigates the proces for the first time.

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