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Soar Beyond the Dusty Shelf Report: New Online Course

Updated on: Mar 29th, 2018
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Do your reports look like this?

I was trained to write lengthy reports filled with statistical jargon. Important information sat around and gathered dust.

Do you want to design reports that actually get used?

Fewer paragraphs. More graphs. Our audiences can understand the information, so the data actually gets used.

TechnoServe's 2016 Impact Report

Introducing Soar Beyond the Dusty Shelf Report

Last week, I launched a complimentary mini course to help you Soar Beyond the Dusty Shelf Report. 

I learned the hard way so you don’t have to.

What’s Inside the Mini Course

In this jumpstart, you’ll see before/after makeovers from real projects.

There are 7 quick lessons that can be completed within 45 minutes.

I selected my favorite techniques. These are the strategies I wish I knew sooner. You’ll learn about data visualization, dashboards, and designing rockstar reports inside of software programs that you already have.

I also selected a a variety of topic areas: public health, accounting, zoos (!), human services, satisfaction surveys, and juvenile justice. You can apply these techniques to any topic area that you’re working in.


6,000+ participants from around the globe have taken our online courses since 2018.

You’ll be on your way from stress to superstardom in no time. And you’ll never look at reports the same way again.

Register here.

More about Ann K. Emery
Ann K. Emery is a sought-after speaker who is determined to get your data out of spreadsheets and into stakeholders’ hands. Each year, she leads more than 100 workshops, webinars, and keynotes for thousands of people around the globe. Her design consultancy also overhauls graphs, publications, and slideshows with the goal of making technical information easier to understand for non-technical audiences.

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