From Data Table to Small Multiples in Under Five Minutes

Aug 6th, 2014 / Data Visualization
When social scientists like me have lots of data, we tend to put it in tables. There’s nothing wrong with tables. They contain infinite¬†details within a finite and teeny¬†space, and they give the reader freedom to draw his or her own conclusions about which details are worth paying attention to. Today I’m teaching you to take your data table and turn into a small multiples chart in under five minutes.
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The Data Visualization Design Process: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

May 1st, 2014 / Data Visualization
Visualizing numbers in charts, graphs, dashboards, and infographics is one of the most powerful strategies for getting your numbers out of your spreadsheets and into real-world conversations. But it can be overwhelming to get started with data visualization. In this step-by-step data visualization guide for beginners, I’ll walk you through the data visualization design process so that you can transform your spreadsheets into stories.
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