90-Minute Webinars

Webinars take place at the day and time of your choosing. You can select a topic from the list below.
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Here are the topics that we can cover during a 90-minute virtual session.

Saving Time and Energy with Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are the fastest, easiest way to make sense of spreadsheets. In this webinar, you’ll practice creating pivot tables; running descriptive statistics; and ensuring that your pivot table still works even after you’ve updated your dataset.

Data Visualization How-Tos in Excel

Have you exhausted Excel’s limited menu of graphing options? We’ll build graphs that aren’t traditionally available within Excel, like dot plots, population pyramids, waffle charts, and diverging stacked bar charts.

Slideshow Design

Craft your presentation’s story so that it sticks; include visuals like icons, photographs, and graphs to make your content more memorable; color-code your content so that your audience knows when a new chapter is beginning; and storyboard your slides so that your story shines.

Chart Choosing

Are you ready to move beyond boring bar charts? You’ll get exposed to new styles that are sure to make your data shine, like dot plots, small multiples layouts, Sankey diagrams, network maps, and geographic maps, as well as options for visualizing your organization’s qualitative data.

Using Color Strategically in Data Visualizations

Color is about more than making your visualizations look pretty. You’ll learn how color can enhance branding and guide viewers’ eyes to the most important pieces of the graph, all while being legible when photocopied in black and white and for people with colorblindness.

Data Placemats

Sharing preliminary results through data placemats makes your data more likely to be understood, interacted with, and used. You’ll learn about the three phases of the data placemat process, which involve displaying preliminary findings in placemats; facilitating a data interpretation meeting; and incorporating feedback into your final deliverable.

Soar Beyond the Dusty Shelf Report

Most “professional” reports are too long, dense, and jargony. Transform your reports with these practical tips. You’ll never look at reports the same way again.

Automating Excel Dashboards

Have you ever needed to design a series of matching dashboards—one per program, school, or state? Copying and pasting is tedious and destined for typos. Instead, produce a series of matching dashboards through the magic of lookup functions and drop-down menus.

Report Redesign

Produce more effective reports with the 30-3-1 approach; rearrange your Table of Contents to emphasize the study’s results; and design visuals with grid systems, text hierarchies, and intentional page breaks.

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