Virtual Workshops

Our flagship data visualization workshop, translated into a virtual setting!

What’s Included

Here’s what’s included in our packages.
  • Live, Custom Training for up to 30 People. We don’t offer full-day virtual meetings (those are miserable). Instead, we’ll hold four 2-hour sessions spaced a week apart (e.g., four Tuesday afternoons in a row).
  • Review of Sample Materials. We’ll review 5 of your sample materials ahead of time (participants’ reports, slideshows, dashboards, infographics, etc.). 
  • Customized Agenda. After we review your sample materials, we’ll customize the agenda to fit their current skill level. For example, based on staff members’ current skills, we might skip over beginner-level topics and move right into advanced techniques. 
  • Makeovers. We’ll create 3 quick makeovers of your work and share those makeovers during the trainings. For example, we’ll transform your report’s cover, revamp a text-heavy slide, etc. 
  • Zoom Set-Up and Hosting. We’ll handle the behind-the-scenes Zoom setup. You’ll simply send your staff a link to RSVP for the sessions. We’ll also host the Zoom trainings so you don’t have to worry about it. 
  • Recordings. We’ll post the recordings to our password-protected site. Each participant will receive a username and password for the site. We’ll keep this training site up for one year. 
  • Slides. Each participant will receive the PDF’d slides from the sessions. 
  • Handouts. Each participant will receive a handout with checklists of key points. $10/person when purchased separately. 
  • Ebooks. Each participant will receive a license for our 250-page ebook with even more examples and tips. $40/person when purchased separately. 
  • Excel How-To’s. Our templates and step-by-step instructions for making 25 advanced graphs. $125/person when purchased separately. 
  • Certificates of Completion. After the training, each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion. 
  • Satisfaction Surveys. We’ll administer a satisfaction survey and share the feedback to help with future planning. 
  • Email Recaps. We’ll also send emails before and after the sessions to keep the conversations going. 
  • Recommended Resources. You’ll get a resource list with our favorite books, websites, and tutorials for learning more. 
  • Data Vizards Community. ​Everyone will be invited to our students-only LinkedIn group, where you can network, post drafts, and get feedback from others.
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