Virtual Workshops

Our flagship data visualization workshop, translated into a virtual setting! Luckily, we’ve taught data visualization virtually since 2014, so moving online has been a smooth transition.
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We’ll hold four 2-hour sessions spaced a week apart:
  • Week 1: Analyze Your Audience
  • Week 2: Choose the Right Chart & Select a Software Program
  • Week 3: Declutter & Clarify with Color
  • Week 4: Clarify with Text & Putting It All Together

What’s Included in Our Training Packages

  • Four 2-hour sessions of live instruction
  • 1-2 planning calls to learn more about your staff
  • Scheduling and hosting the Zoom sessions
  • Recording the sessions and housing the recordings on our password-protected training portal
  • Review of five sample documents (reports, slideshows, dashboards, infographics, etc.).
  • Customizing the agenda (topics and time allotments) to your organization
  • Creating new slides and adapting existing slides
  • Creating two before/after makeovers of your own work to share during the sessions
  • Course Manuals to use as a reference guide during and after the trainings
  • 200-page Ebooks with even more examples and tips
  • Graph templates with step-by-step how-to instructions
  • Addressing participants’ follow-up questions via email
  • Follow-up messages for participants with a recap of major lessons, suggested next steps, and resources
  • Welcome gifts in the mail, which make virtual trainings even more effective
We handle all the logistics so you don’t have to. Sit back and enjoy the learning process.
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