10 Subtle Signs of “Death by PowerPoint”

Apr 18th, 2022 / Presentations
Death by PowerPoint makes our audience scroll through their phone or lose interest. Important information sits on the slide, gathering dust. We’re all familiar with the obvious signs of Death by PowerPoint: Text-wall slides with bullet points for daaaays. Using filler words (um, like, so). Multiple graphs smushed on one slide with tiny text. Tiny, grainy images with cheesy stock photography models. But are you familiar with the subtle signs of Death by PowerPoint?
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How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint by Differentiating Between Slidedocs and Slidedecks

Apr 4th, 2022 / Presentations
You’ll learn how to differentiate slidedecks and slidedocs when using software like PowerPoint or Google Slides. Slidedecks are presentation slides that accompany the speaker, and they’ll generally have as little text as possible and plenty of high-quality images. Slidedocs are standalone documents that just happen to be made in PowerPoint instead of Word. Since they’re meant to be reports, they’ll need more full sentences.
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What Type of Dashboard Do We Need? 4 Types to Consider + Diagram to Download

Feb 7th, 2022 / Dashboards
What type of dashboard do we need for our project? I want to talk about something that’s a little controversial in the dashboard space: There are 4 types of dashboards, all of which are correct. You might need one type. Or, you might need all four. Every audience and every project is a little bit different. Here’s a 12-minute video to help you narrow down which type(s) of dashboard you need for your next project.
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Dashboard Don’ts: My 10 Worst Mistakes from Past Projects

Jan 25th, 2022 / Dashboards
Are you working on a dashboard at your workplace? Maybe you’re making a brand-new dashboard? Maybe you’re revamping an existing dashboard to bring it up to speed? Maybe you don’t have a dashboard yet, and you’re wondering if you need one? In this article, you’ll see my 10 worst mistakes from past dashboards. I’ve made all these mistakes (and more…) over the past 15 years. Let’s fast-forward your project and make sure you’re not doomed to run into the same issues I did. Learn from my mistakes. Don’t let your dashboards suffer.
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