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What’s Included

Here’s what’s included in workshop packages with Ann K. Emery.
Live, Custom Training for up to 30 People.
We don’t offer full-day virtual meetings (those are miserable). Instead, we’ll hold four 2-hour sessions spaced a week apart (e.g., four Tuesday afternoons in a row).
We’ll create 3 quick makeovers of your work and share those makeovers during the trainings. For example, we’ll transform your report’s cover, revamp a text-heavy slide, etc.
Each participant will receive the PDF’d slides from the sessions.
Excel How-To’s.
Each participant will also get our templates and step-by-step instructions for making 25 advanced graphs. $125/person when purchased separately.
Email Recaps.
We’ll also send emails before and after the sessions to keep the conversations going.
Review of Sample Materials.
We’ll review 5 of your sample materials ahead of time (participants’ reports, slideshows, dashboards, infographics, etc.).
Each participant will receive a handout with checklists of key points. $10/person when purchased separately.
Certificates of Completion.
After the training, each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion.
Recommended Resources.
You’ll get a resource list with our favorite books, websites, and tutorials for learning more.
Customized Agenda.
After we review your sample materials, we’ll customize the agenda to fit their current skill level. For example, based on staff members’ current skills, we might skip over beginner-level topics and move right into advanced techniques.
We’ll post the recordings to our password-protected site. Each participant will receive a username and password for the site. We’ll keep this training site up for one year.
Each participant will receive a license for our 250-page ebook with even more examples and tips. $40/person when purchased separately.
Satisfaction Surveys.
We’ll administer a satisfaction survey and share the feedback to help with future planning.
Data Vizards Community.
Everyone will be invited to our students-only LinkedIn group, where you can network, post drafts, and get feedback from others.

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What People Are Saying

“As a 20+ year Excel user I can not BELIEVE the things I didn’t know, and that I learned to master in moments from Ann’s brilliant and engaging teaching. [Simple Spreadsheets] is by far the most well prepared and executed online course I have ever taken. The videos are short, and perfectly instructed. The course materials are actual Excel files embedded with the skills, tricks and formulas that are taught in the video segments. As far as who this course is best suited to, I think it could help Excel users of all levels, from beginners to advanced (which is what I would have called myself before taking this course and realizing my knowledge gaps!). For beginners it would be a one-stop shop of all you need to know to excel at Excel. For long-time users it will provide short-cuts, helpful formulas and other tricks you might not have known were hiding in this program. I truly can’t say enough about it, and have already recommended it to research colleagues, data/social indicator experts and policy folks.”
Lynn Davey, Ph.D, Davey Strategies
“I am a university researcher and have a lot of familiarity with data collection and statistical analysis programs/platforms (e.g. SPSS, SAS, etc.), but needed a low-cost, widely-used data collection and analysis tool I could recommend and teach to the community partners with whom I conduct research. I have known for a long time that Excel was likely the solution to my problem, but could never find time to learn to use it, except in the most basic ways (sort, sum). Last summer, I took Ann Emery’s Simple Spreadsheets course and dramatically improved my Excel acuity. *Plus* the course was fun, straightforward, and immediately useful. Having the modules available for lifetime access meant that I could make up sessions I missed, and revisit material on which I needed refreshers. This course was more than worth the time and money I put into it, and I continue to learn and benefit from it (almost a year later). I highly recommend this course!”
Sarah V. Suiter, Vanderbilt University
“I’ve known Ann for 10 years and in that time I’ve learned a lot from her. Her vision for turning text into something that a lay person would understand, visually, has been a life-saver. She has creative ideas that many organizations can turn into real world application. I’ve valued the trainings I’ve received from her and continue to learn new things in each class.”
Joyce Shelton, Senior Child Welfare and Education Operations Specialist, ICF
“This [Simple Spreadsheets] course is great for staff at small non profits who use Excel. It’s an affordable way to get professional development in segments that are easy to fit into your schedule. It’s great to be able to digest the info, try it out in your own scenarios and then re-watch segments as necessary. This course helped me display data in easy ‘bites’ for our board and staff to digest. I also really enjoyed the pivot table set of videos–they were way more helpful than anything I’ve ever seen before. Ann’s explanations are very clear and her examples are relatable to our nonprofit work. Thanks, Ann! I’m so glad to have found this course!”
Mary Henriques, Development Director, Valley Family Center
“Ann’s course will be a real timesaver for independent evaluators, non-profits and public agencies alike! The logically organized videos show you step-by-step hacks and best practices for organizing and cleaning datasets. It covers all the tricks you wish you learned in grad school. I also appreciated Ann’s encouraging demeanor and generosity in taking time to answer my questions. If you want to improve your data cleaning/management knowledge, invest in this course! Knowing how to use conditional formatting to create data bars and highlight duplications in my large dataset has saved me tons of time. Thanks Ann!”
Robin Kipke, Evaluation Associate, University of California, Davis


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