Group Rates for Online Courses

Want to enroll multiple staff members?

Here’s more information on our group rates and group bonuses.

Group Rates

Group rates are for the same courses on the same invoice (i.e., 10 staff joining the exact same course on the exact same day).

  • 1 staff member: Full price
  • 2-24 staff members: 25% discount
  • 25+ staff members: 50% discount

Special Bonuses for Large Groups

We also offer special bonuses for large groups.

  • 25+ staff: 60-minute consultation with Ann about your projects.
  • 50+ staff: Two 60-minute consultations.
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Next Steps

Let us know:
  • How many staff you’d like to enroll
  • Which course(s) they’ll be joining
  • Their names and email addresses
  • We’ll handle the behind-the-scenes details.

Then, your staff will receive welcome messages so they can dive into the course content.
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