Top 21 Dataviz Resources of 2021

Dec 21st, 2021 / Data Visualization
6,000 total participants in our dataviz training academy so far. 28 blog posts. 14 YouTube videos. 6 podcast interviews. 1 new baby. What a year! Want to do some year-end learning as 2021 winds down? Here are our favorite 21 data visualization resources from the past year.
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A Trick, a Tip and a Thing to Try in Your Next Presentation

Oct 26th, 2021 / Presentations
Depict Data Studio full courses always end with a graduation ceremony where students share the progress they’ve made in the course. I’m always amazed by the transformations that take place and I can’t help but want to share their wonderful work! In this blog post you’ll learn from Elizabeth Dove, a professor at the University of Montana who teaches art and design. She’s sharing a tip, a trick and a new technique to try.
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