How to Find Your Custom Color Codes with an Eyedropper

Aug 29th, 2017 / Data Visualization
You know you’re supposed to customize your color palette to match your organization’s branding. You know you can find your color codes in your existing style guide. But what if you don’t have a style guide? Or can’t find it because it’s buried within your intranet someplace? You can find your custom color codes with an eyedropper. Eyedroppers are color detection tools. You hover over your logo, and then the eyedropper does its magic and tells you the color code—within seconds.
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How to Sort Your Bar Charts

Mar 14th, 2017 / Data Visualization
“Ann, my bar chart is upside down! Help!” A largest to smallest sorting should produce a largest to smallest chart, right? Right? Right? But the chart does a somersault! I’ve never figured out why spreadsheets do this but you have two options to fix it.
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