At-a-Glance Patterns with Area Charts

Aug 27th, 2014 / Data Visualization
A few weeks ago I showed you how to create small multiples bar charts simply by creating a stacked bar chart in Excel with invisible white segments. In 5 minutes or less! Today’s strategy to use area charts takes a few minutes longer, but the result is worth it.
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Dataviz Challenge #1: Can You Make a Circle Chart in Excel?

Feb 26th, 2013 / Data Visualization
In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge fan of Microsoft Excel. Sometimes evaluators are hesitant to use Excel. One misconception is that Excel is only good for 3-D exploding pie charts, boring bar charts, and random radar charts. But Excel can do more than you think! So here’s my challenge to you: can you make a circle chart in Excel?
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