How to Find Your Custom Color Codes with an Eyedropper

You know you’re supposed to customize your color palette to match your organization’s branding. You know you can find your color codes in your existing style guide. But what if you don’t have a style guide? Or can’t find it because it’s buried within your intranet someplace? You can find your custom color codes with an eyedropper. Eyedroppers are color detection tools. You hover over your logo, and then the eyedropper does its magic and tells you the color code—within seconds.
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How to Transform a Table of Data into a Chart: Four Charts with Four Different Stories

Jul 18th, 2017 / Data Visualization
A few weeks ago I gave the keynote speech at the Alabama Power Foundation’s Elevate conference for several hundred of their grantees and partners. What a day! As part of the most-practical-keynote-you’ve-ever-heard emphasis, we included makeovers from the grantees’ real projects. In case it’s useful for my blog readers, I’m sharing one of those makeovers with you today.
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