Designing Templates to Improve Workflow and Efficiency

Jul 4th, 2022 / Reports
One of the most useful and time-saving tricks that Stephanie Gentle learned was how to set up theme colors and theme fonts. She set up customized colors and fonts for each of the publication types that she regularly produces, so that she can quickly select the appropriate style for any new communication product.
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Could Your Long Report become a City Billboard? Use Data Viz Techniques to Create High-Impact Materials

Feb 5th, 2019 / Reports
Do you have a long report that took a lot of time and effort, but you’re not really sure how anyone is going to use it? Annual progress reports, data publications, strategic planning documents… many of us spend a lot of time writing these documents, and they’re necessary to capture a lot of detailed information. Here is an example of how I turned a long report into accessible, graphic summaries.
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