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Building a Business that Fits Your Family: Disrupt Your Money Podcast

Updated on: Jun 19th, 2023
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Wake up without an alarm… 

Exercise, eat breakfast with the family, work on energizing projects for a few hours… 

… and then call it a day. 

Take the kids to gymnastics. Volunteer at field day.

Take off the entire summer for bucket list adventures.

Months-long road trips around the United States. 

Cruises through Europe.

Passports full of stamps.

Meg K. Wheeler from The Equitable Money Project invited me to speak on her podcast about building a thriving business around your life — not building a life around your business.

Listen to the Podcast

Search for the “Disrupt Your Money” podcast on your favorite podcast app.

Or, listen on Spotify here:

Watch the Podcast

Or, you can watch our conversation:

Learn More

Meg asked me to write a blog post about my experiences, too. You can read that post here.

Inside, you’ll see how my business has evolved over the past decade. I also share behind-the-scenes revenue and expenses info. And, you’ll see five tips for transitioning from burnout to summers abroad.

Your Turn

What types of questions do you have about building a business that fits your family? Comment below!

More about Ann K. Emery
Ann K. Emery is a sought-after speaker who is determined to get your data out of spreadsheets and into stakeholders’ hands. Each year, she leads more than 100 workshops, webinars, and keynotes for thousands of people around the globe. Her design consultancy also overhauls graphs, publications, and slideshows with the goal of making technical information easier to understand for non-technical audiences.

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