Getting Started with Google Sheets: Conversation with Ben L. Collins

Dec 8th, 2020 / Data Analysis
I recently had the chance to talk with my longtime friend, Ben L. Collins, who is THE Google Sheets instructor. Ben joined as a special guest at Office Hours (special live sessions for full course students where we share ideas and give feedback on each other’s projects). Ben shared about his consulting and training work with Sheets, and his personal take on Sheets – favorite features, surprising features, and so on. The personal insights and reflections you can’t learn just by googling something.
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A Real-Life Excel Test from a Job Interview: Can You Pass??

Feb 18th, 2020 / Data Analysis
Ten year ago, I was interviewing for an analyst position and I’d sat in the interviewer’s office going on and on about all my great spreadsheet skills. And then the interviewer was like, “Prove it. Come with me.” I was then led to an office with a computer that had an Excel test just waiting for me. My heart just about stopped– what did I say I knew how to do again?? Spoiler alert: I got the job but fast forward ten years later- can I still pass that Excel test today?
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Simple Spreadsheets: From Spreadsheet Stress to Superstardom in 12 Weeks

Apr 24th, 2018 / Data Analysis
This is one of the happiest days of my career. I’ve been running my own data design company for four years. And for four years, I’ve been itching to build online courses which I haven’t been able to do… until now! I’m launching Simple Spreadsheets: From Spreadsheet Stress to Superstardom in 12 Weeks, a course all about data analysis time-savers
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