How to Adjust Your Column Chart’s Spacing in Excel

Jul 5th, 2016 / Data Visualization / , , ,

In my prior post, I sketched a few options for a performing arts organization’s fictional ticket sales data:


I intentionally separated the year-by-year columns from the total column with a little extra space. I don’t want all the columns mushed together.

Easy to sketch on paper.

But easy in Microsoft Excel?


Here’s the default Excel graph.



Here’s the mostly edited version: reduced clutter; custom color; labels directly beside the data; reduced gap width.


The secret strategy for nudging one of the columns over to the right: Add an empty column to your data table. Emery_Stacked-Bar-Chart_Final-Version

Bonus: Download the Materials

Download my spreadsheet. Apply my secret to your own projects. Post a comment and let me know how you’ve applied this technique!

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