Navigating Tableau’s Resources with Zach Bowders

Sep 28th, 2021 / Dashboards
Zach Bowders was a guest speaker during a Dashboard Design live session which is an opportunity for Depict Data Studio students to come together to learn from experts, get extra training and ask questions.  Zach is a Tableau Zen Master and Tableau Ambassador and shared his expertise with us on all things Tableau. 
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Listening to What Data Users *Say* They Need… but Giving Them What They *Actually* Need

Oct 27th, 2020 / Dashboards, Data Visualization
I recently had the chance to talk with Zach Bowders on his podcast, Data + Love. Zach is a data analyst, a Tableau Public Ambassador, and passionate about data visualization and data storytelling. We talked about how to distinguish between IT and data professionals, how to narrow what users *actually* need, understanding your audience and how to speak up when data isn’t useful.
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